P      I      N      D      Ʌ      R



 Special places don't just happen.  They take an incredible amount of 

 hard work and an obsessive attention to a mountain of details; many

 of which are far out of sight and mind but if not embraced severely

 impact the creation of an iconic place.     

 Our obsession informs Your Experience. Your Quality of Life. You.

 We have been practicing the craft of "Placemaking" for over three decades.  During that

 time we have worked with visionaries, artists & artisans, thought leaders, industry

 professionals and enlightened strategic investors all helping to define and further the

 art, science and profitable practice of creating special places where people want to be.    


                                                      The Color People, Inc. 


                                                           Meet James Martin.  He is a "Colorist" - his craft is  

                                                           selecting the colors for the exteriors of buildings. 

                                                           And he's recognized as one of the best in the world

                                                           at it.  We have been working with Mr. Martin for over

                                                           20 years - back to our predecessor company         

                                                           of National Properties Group Corporation.   


                                                                                                                                                     P I N D Ʌ R