P      I      N      D      Ʌ      R


 Reston International Center

 Reston, VA 


 PINDAR At Reston, Virginia - Robert E. Simon's Garden City   movement masterpiece; that started the trend in the U.S. we were 

 tasked with creating a sense of place where there was nothing of note. 

 To generate interest and momentum for future components - with the

 ultimate goal of creating a "There" there.  To accomplish this we decided

 to create a piece of "Legacy Art" that would engage and inspire workers,

 residents and visitors.  We brought in renown international street artist

 Kelsey Montague and worked with her team to finalize a concept.  24

 hours after completion it had 4,000+ likes and 100+ comments on



 In treasured Reston, Virginia...  



30+ years and US $3BB of Investments, Projects and Assignments in multiple markets all focused on three interrelated outcomes:  Financial Success, Customer Satisfaction and Neighborhood Vibrancy. 


Welcome to PINDAR; an Urban Regeneration and Placemaking company. 


We create special places.  



Our latest thought piece is "Placemaking: The Art, Science and Profitability of There". 



We don't exist in isolation.  Per the  Ubuntu quote "I am because you are"; we are all connected.  Our actions and volunteerism reinforce this ethos.