P      I      N      D      Ʌ      R


 1600 Market Street 

 Philadelphia, PA 


 PINDAR How do you make a dated, 1980's office tower not only   relevant - but desired; a place people want to be?  In part you blow

 out the tired lobby and play on Philly's terrific art legacy.  The award

 winning result is highlighted by an 1,100 pound pop art sculpture:

 "Willy and his Balloon" that pays homage to the site's previous life as

 the historic Fox Theatre.  And you compliment that with a local

 favorite coffee cafe and neighborhood restaurant.   



 In City Center Philadelphia, Pennsylvania...  



30+ years and US $3BB of Investments, Projects and Assignments in multiple markets all focused on three interrelated outcomes:  Financial Success, Customer Satisfaction and Neighborhood Vibrancy. 


Welcome to PINDAR; an Urban Regeneration and Placemaking company. 


We create special places.  



Our latest thought piece is "Placemaking: The Art, Science and Profitability of There". 



We don't exist in isolation.  Per the  Ubuntu quote "I am because you are"; we are all connected.  Our actions and volunteerism reinforce this ethos.