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 Role:  Sponsor/Development Manager(2) 

 Outcome:  Sold at completion above Plan.



Type:  High Rise Rental

           Mixed Use

Cost:  $95,000,000(1) 

Status:  Construction Start Q1 2014

Of Note:

  • H Street NE, adjacent to Capitol Hill and Union Station, is one of the District's fastest transforming neighborhoods.  
  • This transformation is driven by the large, younger workforce of the U.S. Capitol and an immigration of creative class businesses and residents back to the District's original commercial corridor.
  • All of  this has been dramatically accelerated with the advent of the H St Streetcar - the flagship of a new multi-mile system that will branch out through high density neighborhoods.  
  • In Q3 2013 Whole Foods announced they will open a market in the neighborhood.



  • 307 loft style rental apartments
  • 11,000 s.f. of retail space including new Starbucks café.
  • 350 space below grade parking facility

Investment Overview

  • Sponsor GP Investment
  • Institutional Capital LP Investment (State Teacher Pension Fund)
  • Uncovered Construction/Mini Perm (International Bank) 

Neighborhood:  H Street NE

  • Entry: Distressed Asset purchase of entire city block. 
  • 'Urgent Event':  Installation of H Street Streetcar system 
  • Impact:  The corridor is rapidly transforming; Whole Foods recently announced they will open a store across the street.  
  • Legacy:  Stage II >> Stage IV neighborhood transformation

                                                                                                                                          National Trust for Historic Preservation

 hub@625 (WORKING NAME)          multifamily rental

   Washington, D.C. (H Street)

 grand lowry lofts                 MultiFamily rental

    Denver, CO (Lowry Field)

"I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it

  has been."

- Wayne Gretzky as recounted by Steve Jobs

          at the introduction of the iPhone.



All Information at time of completion/opening/repositioning or realization of Asset/Investment. (1)  All Cost/Value references are in year completed adjusted to 2014 by CPI index.  (2)  Projects/Investments referenced are PINDAR or involved PINDAR key personnel as Principal/Project Executive or Project Manager at a previous company.                     

 Role:  Co-Sponsor/Development Manager 

 Outcome: Position Exit before completion above Plan.

Type:  "Horizontal High Rise" Rental

            Adaptive Reuse

Cost:  $29,750,000(1) 

Status:  Completed 2000

Of Note:

  • Joint Venture w/ Forest City Enterprises
  • Nicknamed "Buckingham Palace", the building was the largest barracks in the world at the time of its construction (1940). The military stopped housing so many in one location after Pearl Harbor for safety reasons.
  • Lowry Field was in the first round of BRAC closures (1994).  
  • The Lowry Redevelopment Authority was one of the first BRAC initiated agencies in the country and served as a prototype for many others.


  • MFE Concept Community,   MFE Top 50,                        2013 MFE Awards



  • 261 loft style rental apartments
  • Below grade parking garage

Investment Overview

  • Co-Sponsor GP Investment
  • Co-Sponsor GP Investment
  • Institutional LIHTC LP Investment (Large Insurance Company)
  • HUD 221(d)(4) Credit Enhancement
  • City of Denver issued Private Activity Bond

Neighborhood:  Lowry Field

  • Entry: Presented unsolicited offer to master plan the historic core of Lowry Field into a mixed-use walkable town center; and bought several parcels to initiate.
  • Impact: Multiple other parties responded in kind with offers for other buildings in the historic core.  
  • Legacy: Lowry Town Center is the heart of the 1,940 acre Lowry redevelopment.

                                                                                                                                                                             Rocky Mountain News

The Bank Lofts

Denver, CO