RD Jones & Associates,   a cutting edge Baltimore interior designer with a deep background in boutique hotel design,    led by Rebecca Jones, came up with the concept that best fit the project 

goals.  Their response can be seen with the link below.


"A meeting with a prestigious designer produces an unusual proposal."
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Jean-Michel Basquiat
Untitled acrylic and mixed media on canvas - 1984


 P      I      N      D      Ʌ      R

The "Basquiat Challenge".

 How do you truly assess innovation potential?  We tried a variant on an 

 old TV commercial...  

 Our Experience informs our Performance.  Your Investment. You.

 We create special places where people want to be that result in superior risk adjusted returns

 for our investors, satisfied customers & residents and vibrant neighborhoods.    



                                                                                                                                                        P I N D Ʌ R



Most people are familiar with the Kohler ad referenced below. A self important architect tours his prospective clients around his offices showing off awards and prior commissions before sitting them down and asking what they want him to do the favor of designing for them. 

The prospective clients pull out a bathroom sink faucet they are fond of and instruct  the architect to "design a house around this".  At which point the architect is stumped.

For a cutting edge new rental community in an emerging, gritty neighborhood with a lot of raw energy we faced the challenge of selecting an interior designer who would understand the DNA of the street there and produce an authentic design that was true to the potential of the place.  To solve our challenge, we came up with a  challenge of our own.  We sent prospective firms the youtube link below as well as the Basquiat image to the left and asked them to "audition" for the role and "show us some design concepts around this".  Our concerns on how this approach would be received were unfounded as the firms under consideration embraced the idea and had a lot of fun with the exercise.