P      I      N      D      Ʌ      R

 Role:  Development Manager(2) 

 Outcome:  Subcontractor bankruptcy resulted in two week delay & small cost overrun.

                    Negotiated GC full payment for impact.  



Type:  Public Charter School

            Campus (PreK3 - K,

            Elementary & Middle Schools)

           New Construction & Rehab

Cost:  $24,000,000(1) 

Status:  Completed 2012

Of Note:

  • LEED(R) Silver facility 
  • Geothermal heating system - 400 wells drilled on the site.
  • Solar tube daylighting provides natural light throughout the facility - including the gym which can achieve 100% playing conditions without a ceiling light turned on.
  • In conjunction with the District, with a major grant from the U.S. Soccer Foundation's "Soccer for Success" program, Bundy Field across the street was renovated to serve both the school campus as well as the Shaw community. 



  • Mid-Atlantic Construction Best of 2009 Awards - Small Project Award of Merit


  • 85,000 s.f. rehab of existing, neglected public school
  • 15,000 s.f. addition including full size gymnasium
  • Renovation of adjacent, neglected playground 

Investment Overview (Managed by KIPP DC)

  • New Markets Tax Credits through leveraged loan structure
  • Long term facility lease
  • Philanthropic donation from non-profit funder

Neighborhood:  Shaw

  • Entry: Existing public school in severe neglect and low attendance with neglected playground across the street. 
  • Impact:  Over a three year period three separate schools integrated into one campus and playground renovated into neighborhood asset materially aiding transformation of neighborhood. 
  • Legacy:  Stage II >> Stage III neighborhood transformation

                                                                                                                                          Metropolis Magazine - landmark issue

 kipp D.C.: grow/lead/will academies

   Washington, D.C. (Shaw)

 francis Gregory public library

    Washington, D.C. (Hillcrest)

"My practice absolutely believes that architecture is the

  physical act of social change, and the manifestation of it. 

  I believe in architecture as a social force that actually makes

  good.  And one that edifies communities."
                                                                -Architect David Adjaye



All Information at time of completion/opening/repositioning or realization of Asset/Investment. (1)  All Cost/Value references are in year completed adjusted to 2014 by CPI index.  (2)  Projects/Investments referenced are PINDAR or involved PINDAR key personnel as Principal/Project Executive or Project Manager at a previous company.                     

 Role:  Development Manager(2)  

 Outcome:  Delivery at Budget on Schedule.

Type:  Neighborhood Library

           New Construction

Cost:  $16,000,000(1) 

Status:  Completed 2012

Of Note:

  • Designed by noted British architect David Adjaye.
  • LEED(R) Silver certification
  • Part of DC Public Library's plan for placemaking in historically underserved neighborhoods through iconic new facilities. 
  • Francis Gregory, as well as the Belleview branch (with the same design and development team - not shown), have become "third places" for their underserved   neighborhoods; in much the same way as a name coffee shop would in a more affluent neighborhood.  


  • AIA Potomac Valley Award 2012
  • Royal Institute of British Architects International Award 2013  



  • 25,000 s.f. neighborhood library
  • No on site surface parking:  most visitors arrive by bus or walking.

Investment Overview (Managed by DCPL)

  • District of Columbia new issue General Obligation Bonds

Neighborhood:  Hillcrest

  • Entry: Severely neglected 50 year old library on site in need of replacement.
  • Impact:  The iconic new facility has become a tourist attraction for architecture enthusiasts and more importantly a "third place" for this underserved D.C. neighborhood.
  • Legacy:  Stage II- >> Stage II neighborhood point of light


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