P      I      N      D      Ʌ      R

Activities referenced are PINDAR or involved a PINDAR Principal at a previous or predecessor 


City Park Pavilion

Denver, Colorado

Home of City Park Jazz



PINDARPublic/Private Partnership with the City and County of Denver

to finance and redevelop the boarded up building and grounds as well

as fundraise seed money to revive the discontinued annual summer music

series.  Part of this community service project also involved reviving the

discontinued Run for the Symphony event benefitting the Colorado

Symphony Orchestra.  

"So there's an interaction between social, structural and cultural.

 And if you want to fully capture the environment you have to show

 how these interact." 

 William Julius Wilson

 Harvard University


Supporting neighborhood activities and organizations helps the regeneration of a neighborhood, creates tremendous goodwill inside both the neighborhood and our company and is just good business.  Our business is influenced by the relationships we establish with the stakeholders in the neighborhoods where we work.  Our experience is that these stakeholders respect and work more constructively with a company that has a demonstrated history of neighborhood involvement.  That translates into the more efficient execution of investment objectives.  A sampling of organizations, causes and activities we have supported or participated in, past and present, are highlighted below.



       Arts & Cultural Support for Disadvantaged Youth                              Low Income Senior Thanksgiving Dinners



We find that donating time and expertise is tremendously more impactful than just a financial donation.  Our experience is that active volunteer participation on boards, panels or task forces brings a business discipline and approach to an organization with far reaching benefits.  We encourage and support our Associates time commitment to certain organizations, including out office time during business hours, for these activities and find this to also be a growth experience for our Associates.   


      School Supplies for Affordable Communities                                      Neighborhood Asset Projects    


We support causes and organizations that reflect the core purpose of PINDAR; those contributing to the transformation of neighborhoods.  This includes early childhood education & development, transitional housing and green initiatives.

                   Local Area Food Bank Support                                                Homeless Support Fundraising Events    

Home Builders Care Foundation (HBCF)


HomeAid DC


Urban Land Institute (ULI)


Lambda Alpha International (Honorary Society for the Advancement of Land Economics)


Maryland Governor’s Green Building Task Force


National Trust for Historic Preservation


Colorado Coalition for the Homeless (CCH)


Renaissance Housing Development Corporation (RHDC)


For Children Only


InterScape 25  (P3 Urban Freeway Beautification Program)