P      I      N      D      Ʌ      R



 Where you are is the product of someone's creativity...

 That creativity informs Your Experience. Your Quality of Life. You.

 We create special places where people want to be - to live, work, shop, stay, play, have

 fun, be entertained, learn or rejuvenate.  We call these special places "neighborhoods".  


                                                      Schlesinger Associate Architects


                                                           Meet Christy Schlesinger. The daughter of famed

                                                           architect Frank Schlesinger has come into her own 

                                                           and established herself as a rising star in the

                                                           D.C. design world.

                                                                                                                                                     P I N D Ʌ R

  Ms. Schlesinger is an associate of Schlesinger Associate Architects; who were the  

  Design Architects of 3 Tree Flats. The firm was one of the key participants in the  

  development of the iconic community in the Petworth neighborhood of D.C.