P      I      N      D      Ʌ      R

 what does the customer value?


"A person starts to live when they can live outside

                                                                     - Albert Einstein



 "Placemaking is about bringing people together to enjoy each other...making

  memorable events...defining the heart of urban life."  - Dana Crawford, Urban Pioneer 

The "Repertory Theatre of Place" 

  • Venue: Where is the action - and is it easy is it to get to?  
  • Stage: How well thought out is the built environment - the sidewalks, plazas, massing, urban design, architecture, landscape design, signage, color, sound, legacy art & artifacts?  Is it human scale so people relate to it?  
  • Story/Play: What is happening and how nuanced is the story? Is there a balance of uses so the place has activity and interest across the day and the week?
  • Actors: Is there a presence of artisanal vendors, chef driven restaurants and owner operated businesses complimenting the bigger/national stores? Is there a mix of residential types that creates diversity? 
  • Director: Is there Place Management?
  • Experience: Does it feel natural or forced? Is the experience easy - intuitive and not intimidating? 




That they can easily to connect with...

We are crafting responses to a basic human desire - wanting to connect with other human beings in a way that creates a positive experience. 

The Bank Lofts

Denver, CO