We see a great fringe benefit & goal of the approach outlined here being more energy efficient buildings; both in build/retrofit costs and operations.  The approach here allows for continuous feedback and improvement in product design and operational systems.


We Reinvent the Wheel on Every Transaction.  Especially with development deals.  We bring together new teams and don't effectively harvest or vet lessons learned from prior transactions; especially feedback from asset/operational management at the community level.   

We Have to be Customer Centric.

The urban market is very unique and different customers will have nuances on the type of residence in which they are most interested. 

The Urban Regeneration Pyramid Informs Everything.

With demographic and psychographic GIS data; following the ESRI and IDEO approach, and our own proprietary algorithms, Place ScoreTM, Trend ScoreTM   & SURGE RatingTM, we can establish a program for a community based on it's geographic information.  This includes unit mix, level of finish, level of amenities, indicated parking, rent profile and recommended Total Investment Basis.


We Can Standardize the Chasis for New Transactions.

As in the hotel industry we can create a "Design Standard" with typical unit types and features - all imposed on a standardized structural grid.  This will marry a site and neighborhood specific constraints to the preset Design Standard.  We wrote a white paper on this that resulted in the creation of a standardized "Kit of Parts". 

Is "Owner-Architect-Contractor" the Best Approach? 

We have serious doubts going forward.  This seems to always end up with budget challenges that result in a "value engineering" process to get to the required project budget needs to be.  That exercise takes time.

BIM Platforms Have to be a Mandatory.  

Building Information Modeling platforms, already entering the mainstream, have to be SOP.  The problems avoided, ability to perpetually upgrade the Design Standard and ongoing efficiency improvements and operational uses make this a need not a want. 

"Enhanced Design-Build" is the Wave of the Future.

Already being embraced by federal government we see this methodology becoming standard as it works out its kinks and concerns from private sector customers.  The result will be more efficient execution, better cost management and better buildings.       

 P      I      N      D      Ʌ      R

Better, Faster, Cheaper?  Not...

 Look at almost any industry over time and you'll see quality and 

 performance have improved and cost to market has gone down.

 Except, in our experience, for the property business.  Why is that?

 Is there opportunity there?    

 Our Experience informs our Performance. Your Investment.  You.

 We create special places where people want to be that result in superior risk adjusted returns

 for our investors, satisfied customers & residents and vibrant neighborhoods.    








                                                P I N D Ʌ R