P      I      N      D      Ʌ      R



 We Lease (not rent) Homes (not units) to Residents (not tenants)

 in Communities (not projects) in Neighborhoods (not on streets).     

 The Resident is the Customer.

 We are not "ownership" and "management" allowing "tenants" to stay in our

 "building" according to our "rules".  We are a business providing a product, the

 homes in our communities, and a service, care and attention, to our customers -

 our residents.  Pretty remarkable how often that distinction isn't appreciated...

 We create special places where people want to be that result in superior risk adjusted

 returns for our investors, satisfied customers & residents and vibrant neighborhoods.  


                                               VMG Resources, LLC


                                                   Meet John Wagithuku; President of VMG Resources. 

                                                   VMG is the preeminent property management staffing

                                                   agency in the Washington D.C. region.  Why?  A relentless

                                                   focus on customer care and service informed by nearly

                                                   two decades of hands on experience.  How important

                                                   is this?  Who's the first & last person you see in any

                                                   community?  And how much does that interaction

                                                   influence your opinion of the community?  Kind of puts

                                                   that front desk position in a whole new light.

                                                   It's about the details...


                                                                                                                                                     P I N D Ʌ R