P      I      N      D      Ʌ      R

 Role:  Sponsor/Development Manager 

 Outcome:  Investment Realization impacted by Master Development delays



Type:  Low & Mid-rise Townhouse & 

            Flats style condominiums.

           New Construction

Cost:  $34,300,000(1) 

Status:  Completed 2001

Of Note:

  • The community is one component of a Pindar predecessor led master plan for a 24 acre town center area created from the historic core of Lowry Field.   
  • That effort included the creation of a historic district, adaptive reuse of existing buildings and sympathetic new construction interspersed throughout the historic core.
  • This community sits on what was the historic parade grounds from Lowry Field's active use during World War II and is adjacent to the original, historic officers' housing district.    


  • Best Example of Successful New Urbanism.           Westword Magazine             Best of Denver Awards 2002


  • 108 loft & flats style condominium homes
  • 13 Building Lowry Town Center centerpiece
  • "Loft Style" Living with two level vaulted & open floor plans 
  • Private rooftop decks and courtyards
  • Detached garages 
  • Below grade direct entry parking

Investment Overview

  • Sponsor GP Investment
  • Mezzanine Debt (Local Private Equity)
  • Acquisition/Construction Loan (Local office of  Money Center Bank)
  • General Contractor partial fee subordination

Neighborhood:  Lowry Field

  • Entry: 'Ghost Town' heart of decommissioned military base.
  • Impact:  Lowry Town Center is the heart and soul of the redeveloped Lowry Field.  
  • Legacy:  No Stage >> Stage IV neighborhood transformation

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 officers' row                        smart growth condo

   Denver, CO (Lowry Field)

 Tuscany apartments          smart growth rental

    Alexandria, VA (Landmark)

"A building has integrity just like a man.

  And just as seldom."

                                                    - Ayn Rand



All Information at time of completion/opening/repositioning or realization of Asset/Investment. (1)  All Cost/Value references are in year completed adjusted to 2014 by CPI index.  (2)  Projects/Investments referenced are PINDAR or involved PINDAR key personnel as Principal/Project Executive or Project Manager at a previous company.                     

 Role:  Development Manager 

 Outcome:  Investment Realization at Plan & Schedule.

Type:  Boutique, Midrise

            Luxury Rental Community

           New Construction

Cost:  $36,300,000(1) 

Status:  Completed 2007

Of Note:

  • The site is a commuter hub in the heavily travelled I-395 corridor of Northern Virginia. 
  • Metro, retail and bus service are all in immediate proximity. 
  • The site is an infill pad on an incomplete, 70's era multi high rise cluster community - reimagined as a more "human scale" walkable environment. 
  • To accommodate the project a storm water detention pond was repositioned underground  and structured parking installed above.   
  • As part of the Investment Thesis the community was programmed and finished to accommodate a future condo conversion.


  • 2008 NVBIA Monument Awards Award of Merit

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  • 104 luxury rental apartments
  • Below grade parking garage as well as private garages

Investment Overview

  • Sponsor GP Investment
  • Land Seller Joint Venture (Partial Land Contribution)
  • Family Office GP Investment
  • Uncovered Acquisition and Construction Loan (Regional Bank)
  • Mini-Perm @ Stabilized Occupancy (Life Company

Neighborhood:  Landmark

  • Entry: Non-descript Edge City area with high density, tired apartment communities.  
  • Impact:  Pioneered urban planning and design standards into Edge City format, raising the bar for subsequent later projects.   
  • Legacy:  Stage III point of light.

Investment Overview


                 FORWARD TO MANY MORE YEARS TO COME. "  
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