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Through the "URP" Lens

In Established Areas we  look for capital inefficiencies (investment size vs. capital source) and property inefficiencies (functional, use and/or zoning obsolescence).

In Emerging Areas we use our predictive underwriting tools to map the path of neighborhood evolution so we can identify investment opportunities that are ripe now or that we can harvest later.

 when is the best time to act?


"Investing without research is like playing stud poker and

  never looking at the cards."

- Legendary Investor Peter Lynch


 "If you challenge conventional wisdom, you will find ways to do things much

  better than they are currently being done."   - Bill James, Baseball Statistician 

What we look for and track:


Policy makers and concerned stakeholders who use their influence to direct focus, activity and resources (Public Capital) to an area.  They are the neighborhood champions.  


The game changer that will bring large numbers of people to the neighborhood who will spend money to support local businesses. 


Organizations that will be a first mover into a neighborhood and whose presence will cause a shift in perception and focus on the area.

Points of Light:

The little things that collectively change a neighborhood over time - the chef driven restaurant or owner operated business.   

Glow Zone:

The area influenced by the collective effect of all the activities outlined


Neighborhood Amenities:

The corner market, book store, coffee shop, hair salon - those places that define and promote a neighborhood.

Neighborhood Assets:

Schools, Healthcare Centers, Libraries, Recreation Centers, Affordable Housing - the neighborhood infrastructure.  

What is the Opportunity?   ...and what is its window?

  Real Estate is a physical response to an economic condition: 

  • It solves a problem
  • Fulfills an unmet demand  
  • Or satisfies an "aspirational" desire.

  With our proprietary "Mental Model" and affiliated metrics we analyze how & why

  neighborhoods are transforming, how any transformation corresponds to a customer driven

  opportunity, who else is addressing the same issue and from that data as well as our own

  experience determine what is the appropriate strategy forward.  Urban markets are

  unique in that barriers to entry are so high you are in effect "buying a franchise" with every

  well thought out transaction that is successfully executed.  Or to paraphrase Warren Buffet,

  you have a built in "moat" protecting your investment.

                                   THE URBAN REGENERATION PYRAMID        

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